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Keep Your Front Door Lasting Longer

Your front door is the most important line of defence between your home and intruders. Besides that it also adds to the aesthetic style of your home, and also makes it easier to control the temperatures indoors. As one of the most crucial features in your home, having a front door that is reliable and […]

Understanding Fire Door Resistance Ratings

No two fire-doors are created equal. While all of them offer some measure of protection in the event of a fire, some are better at this job than others. Understanding what sets the best products from fire door manufacturers apart will ensure that you get a door that offers you, your family and your home […]

Door To Door Design

With so many elements to consider when designing a home, it’s easy to forget the important role that doors and window frames play in bringing the architectural design components of your home together. Functionality The functionality of doors is often neglected and understated. Doors serve to separate spaces, transform the look and feel of certain […]

Endless Possibilities For The Entrance Of Your Home

Choosing a front door for your home is an important decision. A front door has several critical jobs; it has to be able to withstand all kinds of elements (including rain, wind and harsh sun), it has to be a safety stronghold for your home and inhabitants and it is one of the design elements […]

Letting The Light In With Custom Door Designs

Your front door is one of the first interactions guests will have with your home and whilst there are some beautiful generic designs out there, having a distinguishable house means having a front door that turns heads in all the right ways. Incorporating a range of design elements to create a front door that functions […]

Get Home Ready For Wooden Doors

Wooden doors are made of hard, semi-permeable and hard to break the material. Doors are often attached by hinges to the frame. You get all types of doors, including wooden and aluminium. Doors are an access to a building, and distinct the type of environment in the building, example: a big rusty old looking door […]

Yup, Doors Are Important!

One could speculate that we take doors for granted in our day to day activities. Have you ever really though about a life without doors? Technically speaking, each time we entered a new room, we would likely have to smash through a wall or have no wall there in the first place – which would […]

Choosing a Company To Purchase Your Doors From

When getting your doors manufactured, you want it done with precise precision the first-time round. We highly recommend dealing with a professional company who has experience in the market. We talk about referrals, what questions to ask a door company and what’s the company’s policy on turnaround time? Does The Door Company Supply Referrals? Dealing with a […]

How Can Profile Doors Improve Your Business Aesthetic?

What is Profile Doors? Profile Doors are top-notch custom door manufacturers, based in South Africa, with the goal always being to add a unique and exquisite feel to your home or business. Being door suppliers, Profile Doors are happy to provide an attractive and professional look to one’s business. Walking through a stylish door will […]