Understanding Fire Door Resistance Ratings

No two fire-doors are created equal. While all of them offer some measure of protection in the event of a fire, some are better at this job than others. Understanding what sets the best products from fire door manufacturers apart will ensure that you get a door that offers you, your family and your home the best levels of safety.

Smoke Rating

Unlike other ratings that are based on the time it takes for a fire to work through the door, its smoke rating will tell whether or not it can seal smoke inside of a burning room.

Smoke presents one of the most dangerous aspects of a fire, since those people in your home may be asphyxiated by it, which may lead to them becoming unconscious.

A good fire door should be able to keep it contained.

Temperature Insulation

Temperature insulation ratings concern how long it takes the temperature to rise to unacceptable levels on the side of the door that doesn’t contain the fire.

Once the maximum temperature has been reached, the door loses its structural integrity and stops protecting your home. Because of this, a fire-door with a high temperature insulation should be chosen.

Structural Integrity 

This rating determines how long the door will withstand damage for, and therefore how long it will keep you, your home and your family from harm in the event of a fire. IT is determined by a few factors, including flame-erosion resistance, as well as how well joints have been fitted, to limit smoke and gas penetration.

Load Bearing Stability

This factor determines how long a door will be able to withstand the weight of a load during a fire. The higher the rating, the longer it will last. While this rating is appropriate for most materials used in  construction, for doors they generally stand at 0. This is because doors are not typically load-bearing implements; and as such, generally have a load-bearing rating that is represented with a dash.

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