Letting The Light In With Custom Door Designs

Your front door is one of the first interactions guests will have with your home and whilst there are some beautiful generic designs out there, having a distinguishable house means having a front door that turns heads in all the right ways. Incorporating a range of design elements to create a front door that functions as you need it to with a unique aesthetic appeal is a fun process.

Sidelites & Transom Windows

Transom windows are horizontal slender windows that feature above your entrance door whilst sidelites are narrow, vertical windows that flank the front door. Sidelites can be placed either left or right of the main entrance or both sides can feature sidelites for a grand entrance.

Sidelites and transom windows make beautiful features for an entrance door and are great additions from a practical perspective as they allow more light to enter the home.


Glass in an entrance door serves a variety of functions; it lets more light in and creates a beautiful atmosphere, it allows you to enjoy outside views and it allows for creativity to unfold through a variety of different designs and patterns. Glass inlays can also help you to decide on the amount of light that you would like to enter your home. Choose from full light, half-light or ¾ light.

Patterns & Designs

Wooden doors allow for a variety of patterns as well as the incorporation of other materials. As an example, wooden doors can be ‘blocked’ and certain panels can comprise of cement or even different coloured blocks that contrast the wood. Artistic glass uses glass sheets that have been patterned or textured for visual intrigue and additional privacy.

Let Your Imagination Soar

Whichever material you choose, there are tools and means of making the design unique so that it serves as a functional art piece. Anything that you can conjure up in the realms of your imagination can be created and implemented (within reason) by custom door manufacturers and reputable door and frame suppliers. For more information, contact Profile Doors or visit their website.