Get Home Ready For Wooden Doors

Wooden doors are made of hard, semi-permeable and hard to break the material. Doors are often attached by hinges to the frame. You get all types of doors, including wooden and aluminium.

Doors are an access to a building, and distinct the type of environment in the building, example: a big rusty old looking door with big hinges, you would see that as an old building.

Aluminium frames with glass tells us that it is a sophisticated environment. You get assorted door designs that make up a door 

Different Types Of Wood To Make Doors

Teak wood – This is the most common type of timber. This type of wood can be used in many different ways, teak wood is very durable and easy to polish and maintain. This can be used interior and exterior of buildings. This wood can be brown or black.

Deodar wood – The strongest type of wood and weighs less than teak wood. Deodar wood is very smooth and not suitable for polishing and painting, as it will release oil after some time.

Shisham – This is a hard wood and is resistant to fungus and ant attacks. Water does not affect this type of wood it will keep its form no matter how much water it gets.

Sal wood – Strongest and heaviest type of wood, and is resistant to fungus and ant infestations. This type of wood is mainly used for door frames, flooring and beams.

Maintenance For Wood

Before treating your door wipe all the dust and cob webs and make sure to let the wooden door dry first before you start with the oiling the door. Always treat your wood before the rainy seasons and again before the sunny seasons.

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