Door To Door Design

With so many elements to consider when designing a home, it’s easy to forget the important role that doors and window frames play in bringing the architectural design components of your home together.


The functionality of doors is often neglected and understated. Doors serve to separate spaces, transform the look and feel of certain spaces and even increase spaces. For architectures, doors and window frames are connective components that relate to the spatial workings of a home or building, which means they are an incredibly significant aspect of design, requiring much attention.

Let The Light In

Architectures place high value on the use of light in the structures they design – another reason doors and window frames are crucial to the design process. Door and window frame placement needs careful consideration as light has the ability to transform the atmosphere of a space completely.

Types Of Doors

Aside from the placement held, the design of the door itself is a way for designers to make bold statements and use creativity well. There are hundreds of different design finishes to choose from and an equal amount of material to choose from. Wooden panel doors, metal doors (either solid or laser-cut), glass doors and stacking doors are only a fraction of the amount of door types you’ll be able to choose from.

So How Do I Choose The Right Doors?

Start by considering the functional components that the doors or door would have to meet – will they be in places which require durability and strength? The design of the room or space the doors will be in is also important – what kind of finishes would complement the style best? Get in touch with a professional to help you with your decisions – speak to a consultant at Profile Doors or visit their website.