Yup, Doors Are Important!

One could speculate that we take doors for granted in our day to day activities. Have you ever really though about a life without doors? Technically speaking, each time we entered a new room, we would likely have to smash through a wall or have no wall there in the first place – which would mean that we really aren’t entering a new room at all. As it turns out, doors are a big deal.

Space Separation

Doors allow for the separation of space whilst still being able to move freely between those spaces. This means that different rooms in our homes can have different functions separately from their surrounding spaces. Without doors in your home, your entire house would essentially be one big and awkward open-plan area. Imagine how your décor would clash or need to be benignly mundane? Worse still, imagine being able to see the kitchen from the bathroom or vice versa – which brings us to our next point…


Privacy is an essential part of the happy functioning of human beings, just ask any teenager that you know. We all have moments where we need our own space that is entirely separate from someone else’s space. Doors afford us a very literal way of being able to open ourselves up to the company of others or to subtly let others know that we are not open to having company at the present moment. A life without doors is a life without a private space!

Refurbishing Your Home?

Whilst doors have a variety of practical and important uses, they also provide a great way to revamp your home in a way that is subtle, yet impactful. With a variety of veneers and other designs to choose from, finding a door and frame supplier is your next big step. Profile Doors can modernise your home in a way that brings your unique taste in architectural and décor design to light. For more information, contact them or visit their website.