How Can Profile Doors Improve Your Business Aesthetic?

What is Profile Doors?

Profile Doors are top-notch custom door manufacturers, based in South Africa, with the goal always being to add a unique and exquisite feel to your home or business.

Being door suppliers, Profile Doors are happy to provide an attractive and professional look to one’s business. Walking through a stylish door will always lend its way to a perception of an outstanding business mindset and practice.

While the door is an important entrance into your business, Profile Doors are also door frame suppliers, and with the frame being the foundation of the passageway to your business, wouldn’t we all want to give the best first impression possible.

Not only does Profile Doors supply door frames, they are also in the creation of custom door frames, which means you will be able to help in the designing and customisation process to make your door frame stand out and best represent you and your business.

Profile Doors along with their doors and frames, create and deliver custom window frames, which add in accentuating your businesses anterior, further providing potential customers with how you want your business to be represented.

What Makes Doors So Important?


Doors are an important part of any home or business adding to the building’s aesthetic or lack thereof. Doors can either provide a sense of freedom to enter, or on the flip side, a sense that you should stay clear of that door, and that building altogether.

As a business owner, an important thing to focus on is making yourself approachable. While the physical person might be approachable, if the door to your business is not, then there is a likelihood that there won’t be an increase in cliental. If you can view the door as the first greeting to your business, then wouldn’t you want it to be as appealing as possible, finding the right door suppliers can help you create the best image possible.

Profile Doors are here to answer that question, with professional and eye-catching doors and door frames. Being custom door manufacturers, Profile Doors are determined to design distinctive and original doors and door frames, to create as much of a positive conviction about your house or business.

The front door is the first and last thing that someone will see and so is therefore in many ways the most important part of how you and your home or business will be perceived. The front door is the most frequently used door and focusing on making it as pleasing to the eye as possible will create a better perception from any and all.

Not only does Profile Doors design and supply custom doors, they also manufacture and supply custom window frames, which will only cement a professional and welcoming feel to your clients and future clients.


Doors and door frames are the centrepieces to the exterior of your home or business. As such they are something which shouldn’t, if manufactured properly, have to be maintained very frequently. Doors and its frames should be able to withstand all types of weather conditions and should remain intact regardless of rain or sunshine.

Profile Doors acting as both manufactures and door suppliers are tasked with creating a door which is not only nice to look at, but that won’t have to be replaced in a short space of time. With Profile Doors being more than capable hands, you can rest assured that your door and frames will not only look nice, but will have some backbone to them, and will most definitely be able to last almost any natural weather condition possible.

Profile Doors not only create long-lasting doors and door frames but also equip you with resilient custom window frames. The goal in mind always being to construct an attractive, almost impenetrable, low maintenance window frame.


Installing a door or doorframe which is attractive and catches the eye, is one component as to why a professionally made custom door/door frame is better. Another component and one which is important in terms of safety is the security aspect. Having a durable and resilient custom door and door frame, means that you can go to bed at night knowing that intruders will find it very difficult to force access into or onto your premises.

Profile Doors are door suppliers who take the time to manufacture doors which are sturdy and resistant. By adding the security feature alongside the aesthetic one, Profile Doors want to attract as many potential consumers as possible, and at the same time deter any possible intruders or thieves.

What Types of Doors Can I Purchase?

All doors are created with a maximum size restriction of 3m x 1.2m door leaf. In terms of type of wood used, hardboard finish is used for painting, Sapele finish for varnishing, as well as any exotic veneer needed.


Standard-made doors are any doors which are made for all spaces, most typically ordinary everyday spaces such as a house. The sizes are pretty standard and the style and design can be very simple. The function of standard-made doors are straightforward and will be still be made by Profile Doors custom door manufacturers but for a more uncomplicated and easy role.


Purpose-mode doors are doors which are also made for all spaces, still in ordinary everyday spaces, but will be created to serve a specific type of purpose, be that the focus being more on aesthetic or the focus being more on security or both. Customers will be able to work hand in hand with Profile Doors to design and develop a door and door frame, with the custom door frames sector, to fit your house or business’s style and needs.

The Doorways Built by Profile Doors:

Department of Trade & Industry in Pretoria

With a sleek and modern design, coupled together with an open feel, it’s easy to see why the Department of Trade and Industry in Pretoria chose Profile Doors to design their entrance. Being door suppliers, Profile Doors strive to always supply their customers with the best doors which work best with their daily tasks. With the need being secure, durable and low maintenance doors, it’s easy to say that Profile Doors did their job more than effectively.

The Reserve Bank

The Reserve Bank has an entrance which focuses on an aesthetic of neatness, security and a feeling of being knowledgeable. Profile Doors were able to design and manufacture such doors as well as door frames, being door frame suppliers too, for the purpose of a style which evokes a calm feeling. Profile Doors needed to create this calm and professional design in this case, where our nation’s money are in the hands of the Reserve Bank, and calm and professionalism rather than fun and celebration is the outcome.

The Cradle of Mankind

The Cradle of Mankind’s doorway is focused on the feeling of a stable structure, connecting the old with the new, in an attempt to bridge the gap between modern and the ancient world. Profile Doors conceptualised a style for their custom door frames which feels South African and feels special. Profile Doors created doorways which evoke the sense of the freedom to be educated about our ancient life.

Academic Hospitals

Academic Hospitals have their eyes focus on helping patients in the present while also developing future medical professionals for the future. The type of doors and door frames, as well as custom window frames needed, are simple, light and effective, and that’s exactly what Profile Doors were able to supply. In times of quick access and exits, the doors need to be able to move fast in cases of emergencies. Profile Doors understanding this and develop such doors, practical to the hospital setting.

Gold Reef City Casino

Gold Reef City Casino is designed with a mixture of an old Grecian feel, together with a modern element. With this mixture of building design, it would make sense for the doors to match or at least imitate such a style. Profile Doors were tasked with trying to unify that mixture into the entrance to the casino. With a solid foundation put into place the doors, and custom door frames, feel freely accessible and inviting.

Carnival City

Carnival City’s style is, of course, a carnival and festival creative design, and needed doors which made people feel free to enter and enjoy what they have to offer. Profile Doors looked at the overall design of Carnival City and manufactured doors which feel as if they belong in the artistic expression of Carnival City. Here we see that fun and celebration is the main energy that Carnival City is trying to portray.

Monte Casino & Emperors Palace Hotel, Casino & Convention Resort.

Both Monte Casino and Emperors Palace have a mixture of modern and classic ancient feel to them. Having doors which complement this duality, will create a liberating sentiment for those wishing to enter and enjoy what Monte Casino and Emperors Palace have to offer. Again, we see that the doors to the casinos and hotels need to fit within the style and design of the building. Profile Doors are able to distinguish between the mixture and create a unique design which draws inspiration from the past and present.

How Do I Choose The Right Manufacturer & Supplier?

Choosing the right door manufacturer and supplier is paramount to what the front of your building or house says about you. So why wouldn’t you go with a business who has the experience to back up their skill and understanding of what is needed to take your physical business space to the next level?

Having been in the door manufacturing and supplying business for over twenty years, since 1995, Profile Doors has established itself as a not only a leading manufacturer and supplier of doors, door frames and window frames, but also a business who cares about the needs of the consumer.

The intention from Profile Doors, together with A-Z Doors, established in 2005, is to lead the door manufacturing and supplying sector into space which is more about improving the aesthetic and security of all of their clients than it is about only making a profit.

Why Choose Profile Doors?

Profile Doors is not just a door manufacturing company, and neither is it simply a door supplying company. Profile Doors is a company which wants to maximise both the manufacturing and supplying of high quality, distinguishable, secure, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing doors. The focus is and has always been on meeting the needs of the customer. By transforming the entrance of business into something which is inviting, appealing and professional, Profile Doors not only intends on maintaining their own high profile but also intends on boosting your business’s profile.

Always treating a door like the first face a potential customer meets, Profile Doors wants your business to have the best smile and greeting possible. Profile Doors knows that windows are the entrance into the soul of the business, and doors are the entrance to the heart. With the experience to back up their expressive and unique style, Profile Doors will always aim high and provide without a doubt exceptional doors, door frames and window frames, created for your benefit and practicality.

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