Why are fire doors important?

Many of us who occupy a building, whether for work or home, have a right to expect to be safely protected should there be a fire. Unfortunately, this is not always the situation. Sometimes, there are failures within the fabric and material in the building or fire safety, and tragedy becomes a reality,

Fire doors are an extremely important part of a buildings passive fire protection, specifically public buildings, factors and offices.

The straightforward purpose of fire doors in everyday use is the same as any other door. However, since a fire can never be predicted, fire doors are required to them perform its prime purpose. The purpose being to protect lives and provide protection to the rest of the building as well as buildings nearby.

How can I maintain my wooden window frames?

Wooden frames add an exquisite beauty to homes. When correctly maintained, wooden frames can last a lifetime. Below are a few tips on maintaining wooden windows frames.

Wooden frames require regular maintenance in order to keep them looking healthy. With frequent inspections and maintenance, you will be able to extend the life of your wooden window frames. Here are some tips on what to look out for on your wooden frames:

  • Where the wood is beginning to crack, the timber is drying out due to a lack of protection from the sun.
  • Make sure to have a paintbrush around to wipe down the frames in order to check for damage and to dust off the frames.
  • When inspecting the outer frame of your window, check at the beading that holds the glass together in the window. Loose beading may result in a lack of insulation.
  • It is crucial to check for signs of rotting or moisture damage, this indicates that the sealant has failed and need to be applied.